Those who do, who make, who take something from mind thought to the ears, eyes, hands and back to the mind. You creators need the ability to show what you have done and are doing. Sculptors, writers, painters, carpenters, web designers, bands, dj’s, video artists, photographers to name a few. We are you, rely on you, and rely on each other.

Swingpad is the sum of the above and below thoughts.  A place to be elbow to elbow if you will.

In these days of global networks everyone needs some sort of home on the net. Most have no clue where their e-mails live, come from, go to, owned by, reliable to what degree. Web sites are made with bad software by people that have no clue, posted to a server somewhere , owned by someone, accessed by some network, backed up or not by something or someone.

Can you see the need to have a place that is yours? When we go home at night, most goto a house they have bought, some goto apartments they rent. At least in this you know where your shit is (Geographically). On the net there really is no way to “Own,” your home. You can rent but in the end you can still get screwed by your provider, or by your domain name provider or your e-mail provider. You never know what is yours and what is not.

Swingpad is home to those who need a little more for their network home. Those who need the ability to try new things, software, hardware, ideas.

We, members of the pad community, make no money from swingpad. Most use it to promote themselves in what they do. Artists need to have a place that can display their abilities. Most cannot afford to eat, we feel they need a net home to be stable before they eat. We provide this without making them pay, go eat you freaks. No Really. When your out there trying to make a buck in a world rampant with money sucking companies, shouldn’t something so pure and so unaffected as art have a home that does not burden the outcome?

Anyway. The pad is a place for a group of people to call home. These people come from all walks of life. This is no club or cult. This is a place we work with one another to get where we are trying to go. One mind can be good, amazing even, but when used in conjunction with a group, that brain can do much more.

The Swingpad is exactly that group. //db