Which Pilot Type Are You?

1. Let's start off easy. What's your favorite kind of manga?
Action! Give me fist fights, huge swords, and giant robots, please. (Ghost in the Shell, Bleach, Gundam)
Shoujo Romance. The mopier, the better. (Mars, Peach Girl, Hana Yori Dango)
Shonen Romance. Why do all those girls fall for the same guy,anyway? (Love Hina, Golden Boy, Tenchi Muyo!)
H-Manga. More naked girls! (Bondage Fairies, Wingding Orgy, Spunky Knight)
Magical Girls. Power beam blast! (Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Kamikaze Kaitoh Jeanne)
Out there or bizarre manga that's hard to classify. (Phoenix, Monster, Nausicaa)
Classics from the 70s and 80s. They did things right back then! (Astro Boy, Galaxy Express 999, Rose of Versailles)
You haven't heard of my favorite.
I don't like manga.
I only watch anime.

2. What kind of music do you like?
Pop music and Top 40 stuff
J-Pop (or C-Pop or M-Pop or K-Pop)
Indie Rock or Emo
Heavy Metal or Gangsta Rap
Political or Socially aware stuff
Country or Folk
Techno or Trance
The song that reminds me of the day we met...
I don't like music

3. Now to get personal. Are you in a relationship right now?
It's... complicated.

4. In general, do you fall in love with one person hard or do you play the field?
One is enough for me!
Why limit your options?
Actually, uh, I've never dated anyone before.

5. What kind of dreams do you have?
Lucid dreams where I control everything.
Disjointed, strange things, with a lot of nightmares.
I don't dream.

6. Now let's do a hypothetical situation:
Aliens have attacked the Earth! Civilization is in ruins. What do you do?

Rely on my family and friends for help.
Party like it's the end of the world!
Scavenge as many weapons as possible and take the fight to the enemy.
Get in touch with my girlfriend/boyfriend and make sure they're okay.
Round up as many survivors and supplies as I can and try to establish a new society in the ruins of the old. Maybe we can do better this time.
Get ready for turf wars and banditry. With civilization gone, you can expect looting, robbery, and violence. Be prepared.

7. The aliens are totally immune to any weapons, and easily over-run the earth. You hear rumors of resistance group with a new technology (called ANIMa), which allows a human to use her dreams as a weapon against the aliens. But it's very dangerous, not just to the pilot, but to her friends and loved ones. Would you use it?
Yes. You can't expect other people to defend you.
No way! It's too scary.

8. In the end, though, you decide to join the resistance and become an ANIMa pilot. Why?
I'm not entirely sure. But I'll do my best!
Fighting is what I love to do.
I want to pilot one of those awesome robots!
To protect the person I love.
To impress the girls/guys!
Someone has to do it.

9. The resistance group welcomes you, they always need new pilots, and asks you to choose your ANIMa from their supplies. What sort do you pick?
A worn down military model, nothing pretty, but it gets the job done
Lots of weapons!
Really big and impressive.
It's got lots of bright, shiny colors.
One really big gun.
I don't know, but it can definitely fly.

10. On your first mission -- supposed to be a routine systems check -- you spot an alien patrol on the horizon. Mission control tells you to ignore them and continue the mission as planned. What do you do?
Obey mission control, but keep an eye on the patrol for any unusual activity.
You joined up to fight the aliens, and you're not going to let an opportunity like this pass you by! Go fight'em!
Those aliens are dangerous! Get out of there.

11. The patrol was just the tip of the iceberg! The aliens have spotted you, and sprung an ambush. You're surrounded and outnumbered, and your link to mission control is dead. What do you do?
I'd probably panic!
I've been in situations like this before. Fight as defensively as possible, trying to avoid engagement while looking for a way out.
Take them all on, guns blazing. You might as well go out with a bang.
Discover a previously unknown special ability and defeat them all at once.
Challenge the leader to single combat.
Call on the spirit of the girl/boy you love to give you the strength to fight.

12. You manage to defeat all the aliens and return to base. The next day, that really cute (girl/boy) at mission control is telling you how cool and awesome you were in the mission and flirting with you. Your response is:
"Yeah, whatever."
"So, wanna go somewhere more private?"
"I'm really not so cool. It's mission control people like you that are the backbone of our operations."
*Blush* "um, um..." *run away*
"I'm sorry, but I already have a girlfriend/boyfriend."
"Wasn't it fucking awesome the way that one alien totally exploded? I RULE!"

13. You report into the operations center to find out that the leader of the resistance has grounded you indefinitely in retaliation for disobeying orders in the mission yesterday. What's your reaction?
Relief. At least I won't have to go out there again soon.
Happiness. Now there's time for the more important stuff.
Anger. How dare they ground you? You need to be out there! Go give this so called "leader" a piece of your mind!

14) Months pass, and the war drags on. The day before you're scheduled to go out on a particularly dangerous mission, your girlfriend/boyfriend comes to you in tears, and demands angrily to know why you're putting yourself and your loved ones at risk. You answer honestly:
"You. I don't know what I'd do without you."
"Me. I have to fight them. It's in my blood."
"It's my duty to go out and fight, whether I want to or not."
"So everyone will like me."
"Shut up and leave me alone."
"I don't know! But I can't give up now!"

15. The resistance has been fighting a losing battle against the nigh-endless alien forces. It's all come down to this: A last ditch mission against the alien headquarters on the dark side of the Moon. The catch is that it's practically a suicide mission. Even if you succeed, you'll probably never be coming home. Do you volunteer?
No. I'm scared.
No. I've got too much to live for.
Yes. I love fighting, especially against all odds.
Yes. Someone has to do it.
Yes. I have nothing left to live for, anyway.

16. At long last, the alien forces have been defeated, and the Earth has been liberated. It's time to settle down into an ordinary life. What do you do?
Become the leader of a new utopian society.
Found the Earth Defense Force in case the aliens ever come back.
Gather an army and start conquering as much as you can.
Enjoy a life of celebrity and fame.
Settle down to lead an ordinary life with the one you love.
Make it your mission to record the history of the war.
Nothing. I died in the war.
Nothing. After the war is over, I don't know what to do with myself.